Oconomowoc Lacrosse Club

Where do we play games?

All teams (with the exception of High School ) practice and play home games at Nature Hill Intermediate School (NHI) located at 850 Lake Drive, Oconomowoc. High School practice and play home games at the Oconomowoc High School Field.

Away games will be played at various schools in our league. MAYLA tries to schedule each team’s games about half home and half away. The list of youth teams in our league and their locations can be found at:

Girls Youth: http://www.milwaukeeyouthlacrosse.com/teams/teams_youth_girls.cfm

Girls High School: http://wisconsinlacrosse.com/girls-high-school-lacrosse/

Boys Youth: http://www.milwaukeeyouthlacrosse.com/teams/teams_youth.cfm

Boys High School: http://wisconsinlacrosse.com/boys-high-school-lacrosse/

When do we play?

Youth teams in grades 3rd through 8th have games that are held on Saturday and/or Sundays. The games schedule will be released and posted as soon as it is available from MAYLA. Games are played on Saturday and Sunday throughout the season except for the dates shown below.

Mother's Day - No Games
Memorial Day weekend - No Games

High School teams play during the week. The game schedules will be released and posted as soon as they are available from the Classic 8 conference.

Last day of the season is typically the first week of June.

My child has never played Lacrosse, how can I have him/her try it out?

Indoor practice is a good time to try it out or observe. A waiver filled out by a parent is required. Anyone can attend indoor practice up until 2/1 before having to register. (Late fee is assessed if registering after 2/1)

We also host a summer camp each year in the summer. This camp is held at Nature Hill and is open to anyone interested in lacrosse. There is also a High Interest Day in the fall (usually October). 

Who can play on an OLC team?

Players must be in Grade 1 or higher. MAYLA defines teams by grade, NOT age. Players must also RESIDE in the OASD district. Please see the League Structure Document for further clarification. To ask about your youth player's specific qualifications contact playlax@mayla.org. Players in other districts can petition MAYLA/WLF to play for Oconomowoc if their local school does not have an existing program.

How can I keep current on what is going on?

We try to update www.oconlax.com with all the information needed.

Also when you register you sign up with League Athletics you are asked for a phone number and email. Please make sure you keep this information up to date. Many of the coaches will use this tool to communicate to their teams and most Club news is sent this way as well.

We also do have our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/oconomwoc.lax and some of the teams have their own page in addition. If you have questions about your individual team and how to best communicate, ask your coach or team parent.

The MAYLA website (youth) can be found at http://www.milwaukeeyouthlacrosse.com/index.cfm and includes all updated news for the entire youth league.

The Wisconsin Lacrosse site (high school) can be found at http://wisconsinlacrosse.com/

If you have individual questions you can always email info@oconlax.com and we will answer your questions or forward it to the appropriate board member or coach that can answer your questions.

There are also Parent meetings prior to the start of the season. You are highly encouraged to attend these meeting to receive information and sign any paperwork that may be needed. If you cannot attend please contact us at info@oconlax.com and we will make arrangements to get you the information that you need.

What do we need to be able to register?

Your player will need to have a current US Lacrosse number. Current means it does not expire before the END of the season you are registering for. Most memberships for a year long, so they need to be renewed each year. You will be prompted at registration to go to US Lacrosse and update or sign up for a US Lacrosse Registration. You can also sign up at http://www.uslacrosse.org/membership separately if you prefer, but make note of your player’s membership number because you will need to enter it at registration before the registration is accepted.

You CAN register without immediately paying! Early registration is very important and helps the board plan appropriately for the year. Payment must be received before the season starts or your child will not be able to play.

What equipment does my player need to have to play?

Boys: Helmet, Stick, Chest Protector, Elbow pads, Mouth Guard, Gloves

Girls - Stick, Goggles, Mouth Guard.

Hot4Lax rents equipment you can check out their website for more information.

WLF Concussion Policy

Parents, Coaches, Players and Friends of the WLF,

After extensive research and discussion, the Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation has developed a Concussion Policy which is to be followed by all WLF member teams. Please read the policy carefully. The information it contains is for all those involved in lacrosse. It will help define each person's role in determining whether a player should be allowed to play or not. Coaches and parents, please share this and discuss with your players at all levels. The individual may be this best at determining a potential concussive injury.

Please, let me know if you have any questions at all regarding concussions. I am not an appropriate healthcare professional, but I have been learning a lot, and the bottom line is...

...when in doubt, sit them out.

Dave Wollin
Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation

Click here to view the current WLF Concussion Policy.